great apartment.

I'm starting school in the fall, and I'm looking into getting out of my lease.
The apartment is great, the neighbors are cool and the landlord is a nice guy.
here are pictures and info.
email me at

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(no subject)

sometimes i feel like a footnote in thier story.

shut down the memory
line up the cerebrums and start blasting
like sitting ducks
we let our imagination get the best of us
whats left over is thrown to the swine
and after that maybe you'll be mine
but I'm still a puddle
after someone elses storm
so splash around in me
until another comes around.

sometimes i don't know what the hell I'm talkin about.

(no subject)

I don't know how I'm feeling lately.
Things seem to be spinning around and I can't grab on to anything.
I just need a moment to focus on something. What? anything.
It seems like the only time I get to think is when I'm at work.
I don't know how I feel about alot of things anymore,
I'm still holding on to my belief in Christ, but things like the bible and preachers I'm not so sure about.
I like to say that I believe in Christ just not christians.
I can't make sense out of what most Christians believe is morality, it seems like they have it all backwards.
I'm pretty upset about the New Orleans situation, alot of people are tryin to say it wasn't about race, but if it were a bunch of caucasians up to thier neck in sewage, Bush might've called off the war in Iraq for a few days. He might've found the solution to global warming while he was on vacation in Crawford, them whities they stick together man.

Hugo Chavez for president in 2008!

and thank you Pat Robertson for makin it harder for people who believe in Jesus.